Demand That Mackage Lastly Cease Promoting Fur!


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Outerwear clothes model Mackage continues to promote merchandise made with fur regardless of former claims by the corporate that it might finish this apply. Somewhat than creating fashions from trendy fake fur, it applied a halfhearted method to deal with shoppers’ outrage and plans to proceed shopping for fur all through 2024. Mackage chooses to assist an archaic business that violently kills blue foxes, raccoon canines, and different animals. We want your assist to encourage Mackage to cease buying fur at the moment!

Many of the world’s fur comes from fur manufacturing facility farms, the place animals are confined to cramped wire cages which are typically caked with feces and rotting meals. They’re disadvantaged of the chance to interact in pure actions, reminiscent of burrowing, climbing, and caring for his or her younger. Many animals on fur manufacturing facility farms slowly go insane from the stress of intensive confinement earlier than being gassed, electrocuted, or killed in different crude methods.

Raccoon canines are monogamous by nature. Males assist their pregnant companions by offering them with meals, and the mated pairs work collectively to boost their offspring.

Mackage claims that the model’s clothes is “steeped in [its] dedication to sustainability,” however there’s nothing sustainable about utilizing fur.

The merciless fur business has a detrimental impact on the planet. Producing an merchandise product of animal-derived fur is commonly greater than 10 instances extra damaging to the setting than producing a faux-fur merchandise. Fur manufacturing facility farms produce dangerous runoff: Huge quantities of phosphorus-containing feces seep into soil and waterways, killing aquatic animals.

Firms like Mackage that proceed to promote fur are complicit on this cruelty and environmental destruction. The one approach to finish the struggling of animals exploited by the fur commerce is to refuse to promote the fabric, which is why lots of of common designers and retailers—together with Armani, Burberry, Canada Goose, Chanel, Gucci, Macy’s, Michael Kors, Moose Knuckles, Stella McCartney, and Versace—are solely fur-free.

Please use the shape beneath to induce Mackage to cease promoting fur now!