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The White Russian cocktail initially got here from the Black Russian cocktail when somebody added heavy cream to the traditional drink within the Fifties. This drink was reasonably in style till the 1998 cult traditional film The Large Lebowski helped it to skyrocket in reputation. Few movies have influenced cocktail tradition as a lot as “The Dude” has. 

This drink is ideal for an after dinner drink. This three ingredient cocktail is straightforward to grasp and serve at house. Let’s study to make a traditional White Russian cocktail.

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White Russian Substances

  • Vodka – Select a top quality, unflavored vodka. 
  • Kahlúa – Basic rum and espresso liqueur. That is the main ingredient as a result of many of the taste comes from the Kahlua. 
  • Heavy Cream – Add creaminess to the recipe.

One of the best glass for a White Russian drink is a rocks glass. You’ll additionally need to make massive ice cubes for a drink like this. The prep time for this drink is only some brief minutes—so taking the time for the ice dice is value it because it elevates the presentation. 

What does a White Russian style like? 

A White Russian is a easy espresso flavored drink. It tastes like a boozy model of an iced latte, completely creamy and straightforward to sip. If you happen to take pleasure in an Affogato or a espresso flavored ice cream you’ll most probably love this cocktail.


In a rocks glass, pour Kahlúa and vodka and an outsized ice dice. 

High with a splash of heavy cream. 

Stir a bit to combine substances absolutely earlier than sipping.

Historical past

The White Russian cocktail is a variation of the Black Russian which was created by bartender Gustave Tops when one other bartender in Oakland, California determined so as to add heavy cream to the drink in 1955. The drink was reasonably in style through the subsequent few a long time. 

Within the 1998 the Coen brothers movie, The Large Lebowski, modified all the pieces for the White Russian. Only a few occasions in historical past has an onscreen character had such a big effect on a cocktail’s reputation (suppose Carrie Bradshaw and her affect on the Cosmo). Ever since 1998 the White Russian has been considered one of world’s hottest cocktails. Emma and I even visited a The Large Lebowski-themed bar in Iceland and sipped White Russians collectively.

Suggestions for Making

  • Drink this cocktail absolutely combined. The pictures the place the cream and coffee-flavored liqueur usually are not absolutely combined but are essentially the most compelling and exquisite, however this drink is most scrumptious as soon as the three substances are absolutely combined. 
  • Use massive items of ice that soften extra slowly for the perfect sipping expertise. The larger the ice cubes, the slower they soften. 
  • Heavy cream is suggested and half and half will work if that’s what you may have readily available. We don’t advocate any dairy that’s thinner than half and half (complete milk is just too watery). If you’re going for a dairy-free possibility, select a thick vegan creamer. 
  • The greatest vodka for a White Russian is a top quality, mid-priced model like Titos (my favourite model), Gray Goose or Smirnoff. Something fancier is just not obligatory as a result of the primary taste you’ll style on this drink is from the Kahlua.

White Russian Variations

  • Peppermint White Russian – We love this festive peppermint White Russian
  • Pumpkin Spice White Russian – Swap Kahlua for seasonal Pumpkin Spice Kahlua for this seasonal variation. 
  • Vegan White Russian – We’ve received a recipe for a dairy-free White Russian
  • Black Russian – Technically, that is the drink that got here earlier than the White Russian, however by omitting the heavy cream from this recipe you should have a Black Russian. 
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream – You’ll be able to swap the heavy cream for Bailey’s when you’ve got it readily available.

Serving Solutions/Goes Nice With

Different recipes it’s possible you’ll like:


Incessantly Requested Questions

What’s a White Russian fabricated from?

A White Russian recipe consists of vodka, Kahlua and heavy cream. It’s served over ice.

What’s the distinction between a Black and White Russian?

The one distinction between a Black and White Russian recipe is whether or not or not cream is added.

Why is it known as a White Russian?

When cream was first added to a “Black Russian” cocktail it grew to become the “White Russian.” This drink didn’t originate in Russia, however it’s named that as a result of the bottom spirit is vodka.


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Get the Recipe

Be taught to make a White Russian cocktail at house.


  • In a rocks glass, add Kahlúa and vodka and an outsized ice dice.

  • High with a splash of heavy cream.

  • Stir a bit to combine substances absolutely earlier than sipping.


Vitamin Info

White Russian

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* % Each day Values are based mostly on a 2000 calorie weight loss program.

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