What to know earlier than adopting a guinea pig


In the event you’re desirous about adopting a guinea pig, right here’s what it is advisable find out about guinea pig diet, housing and extra! 

Cautious consideration earlier than adopting, together with analysis and planning, plus loads of love, persistence and a way of humour, will foster a powerful and loving relationship that may assist you to uncover the enjoyment of guinea pigs, and make you associates for all times! 


A whole every day guinea pig weight-reduction plan consists of an infinite provide of Timothy hay, loads of contemporary greens, a small quantity of guinea pig pellets enriched with vitamin C, and a small portion of fruit. Guinea pigs develop particular person meals preferences, however some frequent favourites embrace: 

  • Snap peas 
  • Apple 
  • Carrots 
  • Cilantro 
  • Cucumber 
  • Romaine lettuce 
  • Broccoli 
  • Grapes 

Contemporary water ought to all the time be accessible and is greatest supplied in a sipper bottle on the facet of their enclosure. 

Well being 

Along with good diet, guinea pigs profit vastly from supervised train exterior of their main enclosure. This house ought to be in a secure, well-secured room with no entry to cords, wires, stairs or open vents. Present your pet with toys to play with and a particular place to cover. 

The enamel of guinea pigs always develop, which implies that chewing objects are important for his or her dental well being. Hay, agency greens and non-toxic wooden chews are nice additions to their enclosures for this objective.  

Males may be neutered by veterinarians who’re very aware of guinea pig surgical procedure. By neutering males, they are often paired with females whereas stopping undesirable pregnancies. Different pairings that work nicely are females collectively and males who have been raised collectively. 

Dealing with 

Permit your guinea pig to smell your hand and use his or her favorite meals to realize their belief. As soon as they’re comfy, choose them up gently and slowly. Gently place one hand behind their entrance legs, cupping their chest, whereas utilizing the opposite hand to help their hind finish and again toes always. Guinea pigs are most comfy when horizontal and near your physique or in your lap. 

Leaping down may cause severe damage to guinea pigs, so dealing with them whereas sitting on the ground is most secure. Guinea pigs shouldn’t be picked up or carried by younger youngsters, as they’ll simply free themselves from a baby’s grasp.  


Nail clipping ought to be performed month-to-month and may be simply demonstrated by a veterinarian or an RVT. Each lengthy and short-haired guinea pigs may even want common brushing, with a gentle child brush. 


Cages ought to be as massive as you may accommodate. The minimal measurement for a cage for one or two guinea pigs is 7.5  sq. toes, however the bigger you may accommodate the higher. The perfect location to your guinea pig’s enclosure is in a shared a part of your house the place your guinea pig may be a part of the household and monitored intently, out of direct daylight, off the ground protected against different household pets. 

Enclosures ought to have strong bottoms to forestall foot accidents and be lined with shredded newspaper, grass hay, aspen or hardwood shavings. Take away dirty shavings every day and provides the enclosure a radical cleansing every week.  

As guinea pigs are startled simply, a hiding place should be supplied. They need to have entry to a hiding place always, for once they want some quiet time. To advertise the well being of your guinea pig, objects similar to toys, hammocks and platforms with ramps ought to be added to their enclosure. The checklist of toys is limitless, however some very reasonably priced objects embrace: 

  • Paper luggage full of hay 
  • Ping pong balls 
  • Paper towel rolls (minimize lengthwise) 
  • Shoeboxes 

Guinea pigs are very social animals and are happiest once they have one other guinea pig companion, and a focus from their human relations. Even well-socialized guinea pigs could nip if startled, which is why it’s really helpful that they be dealt with by adults and older youngsters. 

Guinea pigs have good color imaginative and prescient and nice listening to, enabling them to study to answer particular sounds. With some persistence and persistence, they’ll even be skilled to make use of litter bins! 

Issues to keep away from 

Keep away from the next potential hazards to supply your pet guinea pig with a secure atmosphere: 

  • Sawdust, cedar, pine and corn-cob bedding may cause sickness and toxicity 
  • Train balls and working wheels that aren’t designed for guinea pigs may end up in severe accidents 
  • Entry to handled or painted wooden 
  • Unsupervised time with younger youngsters, outside or free-roaming in the home 
  • Toxic meals similar to rhubarb, chocolate, potato, seeds and nuts 
  • Inserting the cage in fixed direct daylight, a storage or a laundry room 
  • Offering grass, clover or dandelions from a yard handled with pesticides or fertilizers 

Guinea pigs reside, on common, 4 to eight years so ensure you’re prepared for the dedication earlier than adopting. Some guinea pigs could reside so long as 10 years!  

In the event you’re fascinated by adopting a guinea pig, maintain your eye on the Ontario SPCA adoption web site to look at for guinea pigs in search of a loving dwelling.