What Has Made You Chuckle Recently?


Brooklyn 99

Brooklyn 99

The opposite day, my sister advised me that a few of her favourite Cup of Jo posts are those with humorous movies. So, Lucy, you requested, and I’ll reply — listed here are 5 humorous scenes for this chilly Thursday…

On the finish of an extended day, Anton and I like cuddling as much as watch Brooklyn 9-9, and our favourite character (aside from my all-time celeb crush) is Captain Raymond Holt. He’s a deeply caring, powerful, however honest chief, who loves classical music, his canine Cheddar, and his husband Kevin; and his workers are all the time attempting to learn his stoic expressions and secretly wishing he was their dad. Right here’s a fantastic scene, above, the place they play a prank on him, and he laughs joyfully. The actor, Andre Braugher, died this week and might be missed.

Paul Mescal’s snigger, you guys. Please ship the paramedics.

Leslie Jones on confidence!!!!

Mike Birbiglia talks about how even the phrase pizza is scrumptious.

Lastly, Mary Elizabeth Kelly shapeshifts into completely different celebrities ordering espresso.

What has made you snigger currently? Are you watching something humorous? Please share beneath…

P.S. Three humorous TV scenes, and 5 issues that made me snigger.


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