Vipadika / Vaipadika Kushta: Causes, Signs, Remedy


Article by Dr Manasa S, B.A.M.S & Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Kushta is a illness which covers many pores and skin illnesses of main and minor ones below its umbrella.

Kushta is assessed broadly into two teams, Maha Kushta – larger pores and skin problems that are 7 in quantity and Kshudra Kushta – minor pores and skin problems that are 11 in quantity.

Vaipadika is a kind of Kshudra Kushta. Besides within the verse which describes this situation, the phrase Vipadika is used in every single place as an alternative of Vaipadika. I’ve used the phrase ‘Vaipadika’ on this article in opposition to the largely used Vipadika simply to distinguish it from one other ‘Vipadika’ defined within the context of Vata Vyadhi.

Causative elements of Vipadika / Vaipadika

Particular causative elements haven’t been enumerated within the texts for vaipadika or in actual fact for any of the eighteen varieties of kushta. Due to this fact the overall causative elements which have been enlisted amongst ‘kushta nidana’ i.e. etiological elements for kushta shall be thought-about because the causative elements for vaipadika as properly.

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Dosha Predominance in Vaipadika Kushta

Although kushta is a tridoshaja roga i.e. it’s brought on by simultaneous aggravation of all of the three doshas, involving pores and skin, blood, muscle tissue and fluids of the physique, Vaipadika is Vata-Kaphaja Kushta i.e. is brought on by mixed vitiation of vata and kapha. Right here pitta could also be a dormant dosha.

Pathogenesis of Vaipadika Kushta

Identical to nidana – etiological elements, the samprapti i.e. pathogenesis of particular person kushtas too has not been described within the treatises. So we have to perceive the pathogenesis of Vaipadika on the traces of normal pathogenesis of Kushta.

When an individual excessively consumes or will get uncovered to the etiological elements of kushta, vata and kapha will get collectively vitiated with pitta as a dormant dosha. These doshas transfer in the direction of the toes and arms of the individual and contaminate the pores and skin, blood, muscle tissue and fluids therein. This results in extreme dryness within the pores and skin of the toes. This occurs as a result of drying up of kapha, rasa dhatu (pores and skin is the abode of rasa dhatu), muscle tissue and liquids within the toes by extraordinarily vitiated vata. The pores and skin offers manner resulting in growth of cracks and fissures within the pores and skin of the plantar facet of the toes and palmar facet of the arms. The individual additionally experiences extreme ache within the area of the pores and skin the place cracks / fissures happen. This situation is known as Vaipadika Kushta.

This situation shall be known as as Vaipadika Kushta as a result of there’s yet one more situation known as Vipadika defined within the context of Vata Nanatmaja Rogas i.e. particular illnesses brought on by aggravation of solely vata. Vaipadika can also be known as as Vipadika by some authors. To keep away from confusion it’s higher to name Vaipadika as Vaipadika Kushta or Vipadika Kushta.

Be aware – Vata and kapha are antagonistic to one another. When vata will increase it dries up the kapha and kapha class of tissues – rasa, mamsa and ambu on this context, owing to its dry and tough qualities. That is the rationale for cracks and fissures to happen. Dryness brought on by vata offers a backdrop on which the signs of vaipadika develop.

Although each vata and kapha are concerned within the causation of vaipadika, the scientific image is dominated by vata as evident by cracks and fissures in arms and toes together with extreme ache, all of which could be brought on solely by an especially aggravated vata.

Signs of Vaipadika Kushta

वैपादिकं पाणिपादस्फुटनं तीव्रवेदनम्॥च.चि.७/२२॥
vaipādikaṃ pāṇipādasphuṭanaṃ tīvravedanam||||

The predominant signs of Vaipadika Kushta are –

–         pani pada sphutana – cracks and fissures in arms and toes
–         teevra vedana – extreme ache within the areas of fissures

Sadhya Asadhyata

Vaipadika is a sadhya sort of kushta i.e. it’s curable.

Remedy Ideas of Vaipadika

Nidana Parivarjana

All etiological elements of kushta should be saved away. Pores and skin hygiene needs to be given utmost significance. Hand and meals care are necessary particularly if the individual has any sort of pores and skin problems anyplace within the physique. One needs to be cautious whereas dealing with corrosive and poisonous issues, chemical compounds or crops. On the identical time, toes shall at all times be protected through the use of footwear. Skincare in vata aggravating seasons – summer season and wet seasons could be very important.

Samanya Kushta Chikitsa

Common line of remedy of Kushta vis-à-vis pores and skin illnesses needs to be thought-about.


–         In vata predominant circumstances snigdha virechana – purgation utilizing unctuous purgatives like Nimbamritadi Eranda Taila in each day metered small doses could be given if the dosha aggravation and lesions will not be very a lot.

–         If there are indicators of extreme vata aggravation together with kapha, classical virechana could also be deliberate following snehana and swedana. Ghee ready with bitter herbs like – tikta ghrtas like Guggulutiktaka Ghrta and Tiktaka Ghrta shall be used for snehana.
–         If kapha indicators are seen, like itching, discharges and so on Vamana could also be thought-about following which Virechana could also be administered.
–         In extreme aggravation of vata, vasti – medicated enemas too shall be thought-about following a course of virechana.
–         Panchakarma therapies blended with exterior therapies and illness modifying formulations and food plan and way of life adjustments shall be a complete bundle to deal with vaipadika.

Exterior Therapies

Dhara – showering of medicinal liquids over the affected elements

Sneha Dhara – Nalpamaradi Taila, Pinda Taila, Ayyapaladi Kera Tailam, Shatadhauta Ghrta – can be utilized

Ksheera Dhara – milk ready with Nalpamaradi Kashaya is very helpful

Kashaya Dhara – Solely Nalpamaradi Kashaya can be utilized for showering if there are indicators of kapha aggravation with out a lot ache

Avagaha – affected foot and hand shall be positioned within the heat medicated milk like Nalpamaradi Kashaya siddha Ksheera following utility of one of many above talked about medicated oils.

Vishesha Chikitsa – particular line of remedy

Vipadikahara Ghrta Taila

जीवन्ती मञ्जिष्ठा दार्वी कम्पिल्लकः पयस्तुल्यम्।
एष घृततैलपाकः सिद्धः सिद्धे च सर्जरसः॥
देयः समधूच्छिष्टो विपादिका तेन शाम्यतेऽभ्यक्ता।
चर्मैककुष्ठकिटिभं कुष्ठं शाम्यत्यलसकं च॥ इति विपादिकाहरघृततैले ॥च.चि.७/१२०, १२१॥
jīvantī mañjiṣṭhā dārvī kampillakaḥ payastulyam|
eṣa ghṛtatailapākaḥ siddhaḥ siddhe ca sarjarasaḥ||
deyaḥ samadhūcchiṣṭo vipādikā tena śāmyate’bhyaktā|
carmaikakuṣṭhakiṭibhaṃ kuṣṭhaṃ śāmyatyalasakaṃ ca|| iti vipādikāharaghṛtataile ||, 121||

Ghee and mustard oil needs to be processed with the decoction of Jivanti – Leptadenia reticulata, Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia, Darvi – Berberis aristata and Kampillaka – Mallotus philippensis and paste of Tuttha – purified copper sulfate. When the medicated fats is prepared it needs to be filtered and added with Sarjarasa – Gum resin of Vateria indica and Madhuchista – beeswax. This Yamaka (combination of two fat) or Ghrta-Taila when utilized destroys Vipadika / Vaipadika. It is usually a one shot treatment for different pores and skin circumstances like Charma Kushta, Eka Kushta, Kitibha and Alasaka.

Finest medicines for Vipadika Kushta

–         Kaishora Guggulu
–         Guggulutiktaka Ghrta
–         Mahatiktaka Ghrta
–         Tiktaka Ghrta
–         Aragwadhadi Ghrta
–         Gandhaka Rasayana
–         Nimbamritadi Eranda Taila

Trendy Correlation

Vipadika or Vaipadika Kushta could be carefully correlated with cracks and fissures occurring within the pores and skin or ‘pores and skin fissures of hand and foot’. They typically happen within the heels, fingertips and in between the toes or fingers and are brought on primarily on the backdrop of dryness of pores and skin.

Some folks have correlated it to a situation known as ‘rhagades’. Although rhagades are additionally cracks and fissures, they generally happen on the angles of the mouth and nostril.

The ‘Vipadika’ defined in Vata Roga (Vata Nanatmaja Roga) can also be correlated with the identical situation although they differ from one another from the angle of Ayurveda description with sure similarities in presentation.

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