PETA’s First ‘JunkSci’ Award Recipient Beheaded Rats in a Guillotine


PETA’s first-ever JunkSci Award is heading to Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, recognizing the college with a doubtful distinction for conducting a very ridiculous, unscientific, and blatantly merciless experiment on animals.

People and different animals have drastic organic variations, making animals unfit for advancing human biomedical analysis. PETA’s JunkSci Award acknowledges UFRGS for littering the scientific group with an experiment so profoundly wasteful and completely devoid of any contribution to human well being that it isn’t even worthy of a participation ribbon at a center faculty science truthful.

Photo of the JunkSci award trophy, featuring a golden garbage can with a blood stained rim

To encourage the college to scrub up its act, PETA is sending it our JunkSci trophy, which depicts a gilded rubbish can, signaling that its rat torture check must be tossed out just like the trash it’s.

Futility Takes the Crown

Right here’s what the UFRGS experimenters did to deserve this award:

First, they duct-taped rats to a tool that stretched their legs aside to the fullest extent and prevented them from shifting their torso, hips, legs, and toes—successfully paralyzing them from the chest down. The animals have been left like this for 2 weeks, forcing their muscle mass to deteriorate.

Series of photos of a duct taped rat

To immobilize rats, experimenters at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul taped splints to the animals’ hind legs and left them to endure this manner for 2 weeks. Outcomes of this experiment aren’t translatable to people, owing to the profound organic and physiological variations between species.

All through this worrying and painful ordeal, experimenters repeatedly force-fed the rats glutamine and different amino acids. As soon as the experimenters have been glad, they killed the rats by severing their heads in a guillotine.

Gif showing a vivisector using a guillotine on a white rat, beheading them

You learn that proper, a guillotine—an abhorrently merciless medieval execution system on par with the experiment itself. The experiment was designed to analyze whether or not amino acid dietary supplements can forestall muscle loss. Translation: Rats have been tortured and killed so the corporate that paid the college to do that may discover one other strategy to promote you dietary supplements for one thing that the physique naturally produces.

JunkSci Heavyweight Champ

This fiasco was funded by Ajinomoto Co. Inc., the world’s largest producer of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and an organization that’s no stranger to rubbish science. Ajinomoto has tormented hundreds of animals in pointless and lethal experiments for the reason that Fifties.

Ajinomoto: Stop deadly tests on animals for food products.

The corporate has performed or funded checks through which experimenters lower open canine’ stomachs, starved and killed rabbits, force-fed cows, and electroshocked mice and rats, amongst different horrors.

This mindless cruelty is a part of an effort to make doubtful human well being claims about meals merchandise and market them to shoppers. However the checks aren’t required by regulation, and as a result of drastic physiological variations between species, additionally they don’t have any relevance to human well being.

Help Good Science

Superior, human-relevant analysis strategies are available and may present extra correct outcomes with out harming delicate animals.

Please take motion and urge Ajinomoto to hitch different main meals and beverage firms by banning all checks on animals:


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