Mom’s Cookies Sends a Harmful Message to Kids—Urge It to Cease Now!

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Ferrero North America model Mom’s Cookies is making a mockery of the immense struggling animals expertise when utilized in merciless circuses. The product packaging refers to elephants, camels, and lions who’re pressured to carry out as “circus animals”—speciesist language that sends youngsters the dangerous message that it’s acceptable to take advantage of animals for leisure.

Wild animals utilized in circuses are usually torn away from their moms as infants, are locked up in cages or chained, and dwell beneath the fixed menace of being hit with weapons like whips, electrical prods, and sharp steel-tipped bullhooks. Trainers exploit their pure want to keep away from ache with a purpose to make them stability on balls, spin on pedestals, stroll on two legs, and journey bicycles. Mom’s Cookies is mocking these animals’ struggling—and so they deserve higher.

Simply final 12 months, Dukal Company stopped producing bandages that characteristic photographs of animals in circuses, becoming a member of Nabisco, which redesigned its iconic animal crackers field, and Dealer Joe’s, which redesigned a number of packages to not characteristic photographs of elephants in circus settings or performing circus-style methods. Lots of of venues and dozens of communities nationwide have prohibited or restricted circuses with animals, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus returned with out animals, and UniverSoul Circus ditched merciless animal acts.

Please use the shape beneath to induce Ferrero North America to cease utilizing the time period “circus animals” on its Mom’s Cookies packaging and to make the cookies really animal-friendly by ditching the dairy and confectioner’s glaze in them.

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