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– [Narrator] To movie the tiny animals featured on this collection, the Huge Little Journeys staff wanted specialist digital camera expertise.

And for the 2 animals on this episode, very completely different approaches had been wanted.

– Painted turtles and bush infants could not be extra completely different.

Bush infants are very unpredictable.

They’re like ping pong balls pinging from tree to tree.

You assume they’re gonna land in a sure place after which they land someplace fully completely different.

After which the painted turtles are extremely sluggish transferring.

They solely transfer once they need to transfer, which is completely honest sufficient.

So they only go whichever means they need.

(turtle rustling) – [Narrator] Arriving in South Africa, the staff set about filming the bush child’s journey first.

They’re geared up with a 5 meter lengthy gyro stabilized digital camera crane.

– It permits us to get into the bush infants world, up into the cover.

And observe them easily as if we’re touring alongside them.

– [Narrator] Such advanced strikes require two individuals.

One operates the crane, whereas the opposite controls the digital camera.

– So to have the ability to management the crane, I’ve received deal with this hand, and a joystick on this hand.

Fortunately, 15 years of enjoying laptop video games are lastly paying off.

It is fairly a problem attempting to observe them and kind of cross coordinate all of the completely different strikes.

However when you get that shot the place the bush child’s transferring, the digital camera’s following it, you’ll be able to’t beat that.

– [Narrator] In Canada, entering into the painted turtle’s world presents the staff with the other problem.

And requires a completely completely different digital camera arrange.

– Most likely must get decrease once more, however so long as it is stage this fashion.

– We have turned it the other way up in order that we are able to really push ahead on the slider.

So this permits us to observe the turtle as she goes by the undergrowth.

– So I can attempt programming– – [Narrator] However the staff should always reset and re-level the rig over and over with a purpose to seize each stage of a turtle’s journey.

(vivid music) In South Africa, bush infants usually are not the one animals the crew must be careful for.

There have been reviews of lions within the space.

– We’re within the pitch black, filming, you already know, wanting up within the bushes for our bush infants, and never on the bottom for lions.

So it’s a little bit tense.

– [Narrator] However the crew should maintain filming, as that is the height time for bush child exercise.

– Proper now, it is tremendous darkish.

We will not see something, so we’re utilizing actually low gentle cameras to suck in as a lot gentle as potential into this world that the bush infants stay in.

– [Narrator] 16 instances extra delicate than human imaginative and prescient, the cameras are in a position to see the world as if by the bush child’s eyes.

(mysterious music) – [Camera Operator] They’re simply so intriguing and so partaking to observe.

It is such an incredible problem.

(bugs chirping) – [Narrator] However simply because the crew are making progress, information is available in that the lions have been noticed solely 300 meters away.

(animals calling) – [Amy] Did you hear that?

(animals calling) – We had been filming the bush infants, we stored listening to all these alarm calls.

The rangers have mentioned, you already know, it is getting a bit dodgy.

We received some beautiful photographs, however we’re simply gonna pull out now.

And we predict that is the most secure resolution.

– [Narrator] The staff retreat to the car.

And as soon as the lions transfer on, will keep on filming.

In Canada, regardless of the sluggish progress, the turtle is lastly nearing the lake.

(mild music) The problem is the right way to movie the unimaginable second that the hatchling enters the water for the primary time in her life.

Utilizing a newly developed periscope probe lens, the hatchling might be filmed as she travels from land into water.

– [Camera Operator] There she comes.

– [Amy] Come on, toddler.


(mild music) (water splashing) – [Camera Operator] Good.

– [Narrator] The staff can now seize the ultimate chapter within the hatchling’s outstanding journey, as she tries to seek out someplace to hibernate.

(upbeat music) In Pretoria Zoo, to movie the top of the bush child story, the staff must work out how the gang are entering into the zoo.

– We all know that they are coming into the zoo they usually’re feeding from the birds of paradise flowers.

So we’re simply popping up a digital camera lure.

– That is right.

– However this can be a very lengthy wall, so it is fairly tough to choose the precise spot that they is likely to be coming in.

– [Narrator] It’s over to digital camera operator, Ben, to use some analytical pondering to the state of affairs.

– Primarily, I’ve received to assume that the bush child’s like a burglar, they usually’re breaking into the zoo.

(dynamic music) (flamingos chattering) I am excited.

That is the factor about digital camera traps, you by no means know what you are going to get, and typically it is disappointment.

(dynamic music) – Bush child!

– Bush child!

– Wow!

– That is cool.

– [Camera Operator] Wow.

– It signifies that we all know genuinely that is how the bush infants are breaking into the zoo, and this has simply proved it.

– [Narrator] With information of the bush infants’ entry level, the staff are in a position to movie the bush child gang as they leap across the zoo, earlier than retreating to their residence deep within the city jungle.

For the Huge Little Journeys staff, it took specialist equipment, perseverance, and a little bit of luck to movie these two very completely different animals, in their very own distinctive worlds, on their epic journeys.