How NYC’s Don Angie Makes Its Viral Lasagna


Don Angie is one in every of NYC’s hardest tables to get thanks partially to its internet-famous lasagna. “There’s a little bit of like an Instagram curse with this lasagna dish,” says Angie Rito, who co-owns the restaurant along with her husband Scott Tacinelli. “It’s not like we developed it to be photographed; it simply so occurred that folks ended up liking taking images of it.”

The pasta for the lasagna will get prepped someday upfront. Tacinelli estimates they use round 100 sheets of pasta per day — round 30 kilos — only for lasagna. Every sheet of pasta will get individually blanched in boiling, closely salted water, after which in ice-cold unsalted water. This course of takes two hours each day.

Three completely different sauces go into the lasagna: an Italian sausage bolognese, bechamel, and San Marzano tomato sauce. The primary sheet of the lasagna will get a scoop of parmesan and a quart of mozzarella. “Two issues we don’t skimp on ever: tomatoes and Parmigiano-Reggiano,” says Tacinelli, who estimates they use two full wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano per week.

After the cheese is utilized, one other sheet of pasta goes over that. The bolognese goes over that sheet, which can be prepped the day earlier than and cooled. “In case you strive to do that with heat sauce, it’ll completely collapse,” says Rito.

The following step is to roll the lasagna, utilizing the bechamel as a kind of adhesive to maintain it collectively. The lasagna then sits and will get chilled earlier than it’s reduce into its signature pinwheels. Every log of lasagna yields one and a half orders.

The dish will get plated with the tomato sauce on the backside with six pinwheel lasagna items on high. It will get put into the oven and, as soon as the highest is crispy, it’s prepared for service. “​​Once we had been rising up, all people would at all times struggle over the corners of the lasagna, the crispy elements,” says Tacinelli. “However [with] this, all people will get a crispy piece.”

Tacinelli says that the restaurant serves greater than 100 lasagnas per day on the weekends, within the small, 50-seat restaurant. “I like that it’s turn into this factor that folks acknowledge from this explicit restaurant,” says Rito.

Watch the complete video to see how cooks at Don Angie make this dish and others together with whole-roasted lobster, buffalo milk caramelle, a chrysanthemum salad, and extra.


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