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The climate is gorgeous exterior, and also you simply obtained your new DJI Mini 2 SE. 

Is it time to take it out of the field and luxuriate in some flights with it? Why not? Flying a drone through the winter has its perks. 

Picture credit score: Dan Bayne

So that you make a plan, journey to your required location, unfold the Mini 2 SE, join the telephone to the controller, flip the drone on… wait. It doesn’t activate.

What’s taking place? Why is my DJI Mini 2 SE not turning on? 

The DJI Mini 2 SE, like every other drone available in the market, could possibly be liable to failure. Or just, the drone doesn’t just like the chilly climate, or one thing could possibly be improper with the battery. 

The explanations might be many. In order that’s why, earlier than panicking, the most effective strategy could be to troubleshoot all of the potential the reason why the DJI Mini 2 SE just isn’t turning on.

Tips on how to troubleshoot the DJI Mini 2 SE drone

As we talked about, like with many electronics and even different DJI drones, there could possibly be a handful of the reason why the drone fails to activate. 

Earlier than I can let you know why it’s not turning on, we’d like slightly extra information. That’s why a troubleshooting course of is so as.

  • Does the battery fail to activate?
  • Does the battery energy on, however the drone doesn’t obtain energy?
  • The battery and the drone each activate, however don’t join to one another (or can’t fly).

These are the principle questions I might ask to establish learn how to proceed with the troubleshooting course of.

For example, if the battery fails to activate, the drone could possibly be simply positive. There could possibly be one thing improper with the battery; it could possibly be in hibernation mode, or just a cell failed; perhaps it doesn’t just like the chilly winter atmosphere, or conversely, it doesn’t like the recent climate.

What about updating your DJI battery?

However one of the best ways to establish why a DJI Mini 2 SE gained’t activate is to take it step-by-step. So right here they’re

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DJI Mini 2 SE Battery Troubleshooting Step by Step

DJI Mini 2 SE Battery (All You Need to Know)
Picture credit score: Dan Bayne

So, right here we discovered that the battery often is the offender. I do know this can be a dopey query, however earlier than we proceed, are you 100% positive you’re turning it on the suitable manner?

To activate a DJI Mini 2 SE battery accurately, short-press the ability button, and the LEDs point out the ability cost. Then, long-press till the LEDs mild up in a sequence. 

Should you’re assured that’s not the rationale, let’s go to the subsequent step.

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1. DJI Mini 2 SE battery could possibly be in hibernation mode

DJI batteries have security measures to keep away from getting broken if saved for a very long time.

For example, for those who purchased a brand new DJI Mini 2 SE, however the batteries don’t activate, they must be activated by taking them out of hibernation mode.

The hibernation of a DJI battery, together with the DJI Mini 2 SE, will save energy if not used for some time to keep away from draining to zero p.c.

If a Lipo battery stays empty for a prolonged interval, the cells might be completely broken.

That’s why it’s potential to your battery to be in hibernation mode for those who attempt to flip it on and nothing occurs.

The identical cause can occur in case you have saved your drone in long-term storage (haven’t used it for some time). The Mini 2 SE clever battery does go in hibernation mode.

There are two methods to take it out of the hibernation mode:

  • Both attempt to energy it on, which generally will work simply positive
  • Put the battery to cost for a minimum of a few hours, if no more, and with out touching it.

Within the second situation, the battery might not present it’s receiving energy, however that’s the method behind waking up a hibernating DJI battery, together with a Mini 2 SE one.

That is the most typical cause why a Mini 2 SE battery gained’t activate. 

It occurred to me earlier than, to not the Mini 2 SE, however to my DJI FPV. I had a panic second, although. Nevertheless, one of many batteries failed to enter hibernation mode, completely damaging it.

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2. The battery merely failed (verify if it’s swollen)

A second cause the battery gained’t get out of hibernation mode (for those who retailer it for the long run) is that, as occurred to me earlier than, it didn’t get into hibernation mode within the first place.

In time, the battery drained by itself to zero p.c. And sat like that for some time (just a few weeks a minimum of). Then, it didn’t obtain energy in any respect.

What seems to be like a hibernating battery could possibly be a complete failure of the battery cells. 

If a number of makes an attempt to get up the DJI Mini 2 SE battery fail (if that is the rationale why your drone doesn’t activate), I feel it’s time to speak to DJI buyer assist.

I suppose the drone and battery ought to nonetheless be beneath guarantee because the drone is comparatively new. So right here’s that. Have a chat to them.

But when your battery is broken, look carefully at it and see if it presents any indicators of swelling. That’s a harmful signal that the battery can spontaneously catch on fireplace. It’s time to discard the Lipo battery safely.

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3. The atmosphere could possibly be too chilly or sizzling

In lots of circumstances, the battery will fail to energy on, or it does, after which it goes off by itself to keep away from completely damaging it when utilizing it out of the temperature vary.

DJI recommends that you simply fly the drone or use the battery in an atmosphere between 0° and 40° C (32° to 104° F).

Something past that vary can impression the drone’s battery life, shorten its life span, and even harm the battery solely.

However the security options behind a DJI clever battery, together with the Mini 2 SE, might kick in. So, probably, it gained’t even allow you to flip it on.

If that’s the rationale, attempt to acclimate the battery to the really useful temperature vary and see if this fixes the issue.

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4. You try to show it on too quickly after it has been charged

Like attempting to fly or energy on the drone in a scorching atmosphere, you cost the battery, plug it within the drone, and attempt to fly it (particularly if the ambient temperature is… sizzling).

When a drone battery is charged, it tends to get heat and even sizzling for those who cost it in scorching climate. On this scenario, the security options will block you from turning on the battery to keep away from completely damaging it.

A sizzling lipo battery is a security danger, and when the drone is flying, a number of amps are pulled out from the battery, inflicting it to heat up much more. 

So, for security causes, don’t use the battery straight after charging it. Depart it for some time to acclimate.

Notice: DJI recommends charging the battery in an atmosphere between 5° C and 40° C (41° C and 104° F). Even when charging in sizzling climate beneath 104° F, this will drastically impression the battery temperature.

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5. The Mini 2 SE battery has been used too many instances

A Lipo battery, particularly a drone one, e.g., DJI Mini 2 SE, has a number of really useful cycles earlier than being prompted to cut back efficiency and even fail.

Typically, a DJI battery has a median lifespan between 300 and 500 cycles, generally extra however generally a lot much less.

I’ve heard of batteries failing even at 120 cycles. All of it is determined by how you employ and cost the battery, retailer it, or how previous it’s.

So right here could possibly be a cause to look into in case your Mini 2 SE battery just isn’t turning on in any respect. Is the battery new? or secondhand? Have you ever flown your DJI Mini 2 SE excessively? 

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6. The DJI Mini 2 SE battery is bodily broken

After a crash, even a minor one the place your Mini 2 SE might look okay, perhaps with a scratch or two, the battery needs to be inspected carefully.

Should you see any marks or harm on the battery, even minor ones, it’s harmful to maintain attempting to make use of it. 

Possibly it even seems to be okay, however keep in mind that there are inside circuits to guard the battery, drone, and everybody round.

So right here’s that: these circuits might fail throughout an impression and render the battery unusable.

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7. The battery had contact with water

One of many good security options behind a DJI drone and its batteries, together with the Mini 2 SE, is that for those who submerge it in water (non-intentional crash), the drone battery will reduce the ability to keep away from damaging the drone.

This may occur each with salty and recent water. Normally, salt water presents extra conductivity than recent water.

The quick circuit safety will stop the battery from getting completely broken and will briefly disable it; don’t try and energy it on; make sure the battery is totally dried out and there’s no layer or coating of salt (from salty water).

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DJI Mini 2 SE drone doesn’t obtain energy

Picture credit score: Dan Bayne

So that you say the battery is okay or perhaps you’ve gotten skipped to this part as a result of you understand the battery just isn’t the rationale. The drone could possibly be.

The battery powers on, however the drone doesn’t obtain energy (or energy up) in any respect.

This could possibly be an even bigger concern, however earlier than we panic, let’s get by means of the remainder of the drone troubleshooting course of.

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8. Unhealthy contacts between the battery and the DJI Mini 2 SE drone

Do you keep in mind the above situation the place the DJI Mini 2 SE battery had contact with salt water? These layers can interrupt circuits between the battery and the drone.

Additionally, international small objects can get on the battery contacts (and even drone ones), and there’s no energy connection between the battery of the drone.

In case the battery activates however not the drone, this is step one to troubleshoot. See in case your battery or drone contacts are clear.

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9. The drone doesn’t obtain energy in chilly/sizzling environments

The drone might behave like a battery refusing to activate. 

Possibly your Mini 2 SE turned on, and also you left it sitting, so the drone overheated, particularly in sizzling climate, turned off, and now it gained’t allow you to flip it again on.

As a way to keep away from burning out the drone (not solely the battery), your DJI Mini 2 SE decides it’s time to chill down. Don’t anticipate to fly it for some time (till it cools down) for security causes.

10. Your drone was not too long ago flown within the rain or had water contact

There’s no disgrace in telling DJI your Mini 2 SE was flown within the rain for a bit or had a crash into the water.

I’ve flown drones in mild rain, however happily for me, they haven’t been broken. Nevertheless, it’s a dangerous strategy.

In case your drone had latest contact with water, as a warning observe, DO NOT TURN IT ON. Let it dry for some time (a few days) earlier than trying to energy it on.

If it doesn’t wish to energy on, it’s potential that your drone has been broken, so long as the battery powers on simply positive by itself. In that case, it’s time to have a chat with DJI about your water-damaged drone.

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11. Your DJI Mini 2 SE had a latest crash

Even a minor crash of the DJI Mini 2 SE might shake the inner elements, wires, or plugs contained in the drone and disconnect one thing.

I’ve seen it so many instances, not with the Mini 2 SE however with many different drones.

I’ve wasted many hours of my life on drone boards, Fb teams, or chats, and right here I see crashes that change into unhealthy for the drone, not by way of breaking a drone arm or motor, however for inside elements that get disconnected.

Normally, if the drone nonetheless powers on, you could possibly get a number of ERRORS on the RC DJI Fly App display screen if one thing is disconnected inside (E.g., sensor or GPS error code).

But when the flight controller is disconnected or the battery present can’t attain the first drone elements chargeable for flying the drone anymore, it’s time to have a chat with DJI buyer assist for those who don’t have the engineering abilities to open it up your self and see what’s improper with it. (Don’t do it, you’ll lose guarantee).

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12. The DJI Mini 2 SE flight controller could possibly be broken

Possibly you haven’t had a crash or had any contact with water. Possibly you’ve executed nothing improper. And but, there’s nothing you are able to do if the principle flight controller is burned out.

That’s a particularly uncommon case to occur with the DJI MINI 2 SE or high-quality DJI drones, however it could occur extra usually than you suppose with cheaper drones and FPV drones normally.

You in all probability gained’t know if it’s the flight controller or if it could possibly be one thing else, and there’s no solution to discover out by your self (a minimum of not that easy), but when your DJI drone nonetheless doesn’t wish to activate whereas your battery is sweet and also you exhausted all the opposite troubleshooting approaches, then this could possibly be the rationale.

Your drone ought to nonetheless be beneath guarantee. It’s time to have a chat with DJI assist.

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DJI Mini 2 SE and Controller activate, however the drone gained’t fly. Why?

By this troubleshooting course of, you’re assured there’s nothing improper with the battery, the drone, and the distant controller. All of them activate as they need to. 

However for some cause, you haven’t any picture, or in case you have, you can’t take off.

Listed below are just a few the reason why:

  • The drone and controller are unpaired: A DJI drone ought to by no means unlink (unpair) by itself from the controller, however it could occur on account of a fault in firmware or different causes. So, in case your DJI Mini 2 SE activates, however you get no connection to your DJI RC-N1 controller and Fly App, this must be the very first thing it is best to verify. Is it nonetheless paired?
  • The DJI Mini 2 SE and the controller have conflicting firmware: DJI is sweet at fixing bugs and incompatibilities, however on the similar time, the firmware can have bugs at instances, so this could possibly be but one more reason why your drone can’t take off. Possibly you up to date the drone and never the controller or battery. Bear in mind, the DJI Mini 2 SE, battery, and controller must run the most recent firmware replace to be suitable and work.
  • You’re attempting to take off in restricted airspace: This wouldn’t be a cause why your drone gained’t activate, however definitely a cause why you can’t take off. I assumed it will be good as a reminder to verify the airspace you wish to take off your DJI Mini 2 SE and see if it’s restricted or not

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If we glance additional into this, the identical troubleshooting course of might be utilized to different DJI drones and never solely the DJI Mini 2 SE. 

The possibilities that the drone would fail to activate due to a {hardware} concern are slim however not out of the equation.

So, in case your drone abruptly doesn’t activate, you might be in all probability very unfortunate on this case, as the opportunity of this taking place may be very slim.

We wish to be complete and correct at Droneblog. In order that’s why we now have deeply researched and regarded over all potential boards in search of points with this drone. Right here’s what we now have to inform you for now:

When this text was written, no vital points had been reported by DJI or different drone pilots with the DJI Mini 2 SE, and nothing associated to the drone not turning on. Yours could possibly be an irregular case. Fortunate you!

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