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The Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) is the plant star of the vacation season, and with a couple of suggestions you possibly can hold yours trying pleased and wholesome by way of the Christmas season (and past for those who don’t thoughts some additional work).

Whereas we’re used to seeing the Poinsettia throughout the chilly months of the yr, it’s truly a tropical plant native to Mexico. The colourful leaves (from white to gentle pink to brilliant crimson) are the plant’s response to shorter daylight hours within the winter, which is why they don’t bloom all yr lengthy.

The “flowers” of Poinsettia are literally forms of leaves referred to as bracts, however there are tiny yellow flowers within the heart (referred to as cyathia) which are a magnet for bugs and fall off after pollination.

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poinsettia on a table
poinsettia and a watering can

How usually ought to I water Poinsettia?

You’ll wish to hold the soil moist however not soggy (that may result in root rot), so really feel the highest of your soil and as soon as it begins to really feel nearly dry it’s time to water once more.

Use a pot with drainage holes on the backside to stop root rot, or for those who like the ornamental foil they arrive in, take away it from the foil and water within the sink changing it again within the foil as soon as extra water has drained.

How a lot daylight do Poinsettia want?

Indoors Poinsettia like brilliant oblique daylight, so hold them the place the sunshine is brilliant however in a roundabout way hitting the plant.

pink poinsettia

Ought to I fertilize my Poinsettia?

If you’re simply holding your plant over the vacation season, then there’s no must fertilize it. If you’re attempting to maintain it past Christmas, you possibly can fertilize it each month with half energy all-purpose fertilizer when you see new progress beginning to seem on the plant.

Temperature and humidity for Poinsettia crops

Indoor Poinsettia will do greatest between 65-70° F and also you’ll wish to hold them above 50° otherwise you danger harm or them dying attributable to chilly. If you wish to enhance your porch with them, you’ll should reside in a spot that doesn’t drop beneath 50° at evening. If you’re shopping for one from a retailer and it’s chilly outdoors, hold it coated with a bag and don’t let it sit in a chilly automotive for hours earlier than taking it inside.

Like most crops, you’ll wish to hold your Poinsettia away from areas with huge temperature adjustments, so place them away from outdoors doorways, drafts, heating vents, and many others.

Since they’re a tropical plant, Poinsettias take pleasure in extra humid areas, so you possibly can put a humidifier within the room with them to maintain them pleased.

Repotting Poinsettia crops

If you’re simply holding your plant over the vacation season, you received’t want to fret about repotting it.

If you’re attempting to maintain it alive till the subsequent vacation season, in late spring or early summer season you possibly can take away the plant from the outdated pot and thoroughly wash the outdated soil from the roots of the plant. Repot your poinsettia into a bigger pot that’s about 2 to 4 inches greater than the unique container. Use a pot with good drainage and select a soil combine that has plenty of natural matter (like peat moss).

pink poinsettia

Propagating Poinsettia crops

You’ll be able to truly propagate Poinsettia crops from cuttings and develop your self a brand new plant inside a couple of weeks. To propagate Poinsettia:

  • Add potting soil to a small cup or small pot.
  • Use pruning shears to chop off a 3-4″ part of an actively rising department and pinch off the decrease leaves leaving the highest leaves to supply water for the plant.
  • Elective, however you possibly can dip the lower finish into a rooting hormone earlier than sticking the lower finish into the filth.
  • As soon as the lower finish is planted within the filth, hold the brand new plant in a moist space that’s away from direct daylight. You don’t must water it as it is going to pull water from its leaves, however to extend the humidity, you possibly can mist the leaves with water and put a small plastic bag over the cup to encourage it to develop.
  • In about 4 weeks it’s best to discover roots rising from the slicing and you’ll replant it in a pot with drainage holes and begin to water as regular.

get Poinsettia to rebloom

If you wish to hold your plant alive all yr lengthy and see it bloom once more subsequent vacation season, you’ll want to provide it some additional care as they are often fairly finicky and specific.

Begin to maintain again in your watering in April in order that the plant begins to dry out (however not so little water that the stem begins to shrivel) and place it in an space that’s round 60°.

In mid-Could, you possibly can prune again the plant to about 4″ stems and repot the plant in a barely bigger pot. Put the plant in a spot with plenty of oblique gentle and begin to water it commonly once more. As new progress begins to seem, you possibly can start to fertilize it month-to-month.

Pinch again the stems as soon as in July and once more in August.

To ensure that the plant to bloom, it must have 10 weeks of 12 hours or much less of daylight every day, so beginning in October you’ll should hold the plant in whole uninterrupted darkness from 5 p.m. to eight a.m. every day. You’ll be able to put the plant in a closet and even below a field, wherever that’s heat however darkish!

It’s plenty of work however a enjoyable experiment to see for those who can efficiently mimic the darkness it wants to indicate its true colours.

Diagnosing widespread issues

  • Wilted or curled leaves: The plant most likely wants extra water. Give it a very good watering and see if the leaves perk up inside a day or two.
  • Leaf loss: Leaf loss may be attributable to many components like underwatering, overwatering, too chilly, or too dry of a local weather. If the soil is dry and the leaves are falling, strive watering to see if that restores the plant. If the soil feels moist when they’re dropping then chances are you’ll be overwatering and must let the soil dry out nearly totally between watering. Test to verify the plant is away from chilly areas (like proper subsequent to a window or close to a door draft) and you’ll strive a humidifier or plant mister for those who suspect your air is simply too dry for the plant.
  • Decrease leaves yellowing: If the underside leaves of your plant are yellowing and falling off, it might be attributable to not getting sufficient gentle and chances are you’ll want a sunnier location with extra oblique gentle.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Are Poinsettia poisonous to people or animals?

Whereas the sap of the plant could cause a pores and skin rash, the plant itself is definitely not as poisonous as has been traditionally thought. It isn’t deadly if eaten, however youngsters or pets can develop a mouth rash and abdomen upset if ingested, so it’s greatest to go away it out of attain.


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