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Article by Dr Manasa S, BAMS & Dr Raghuram Y.S., MD (Ayu)

Brittle nails are a situation the place the nails are both dry and brittle or comfortable and brittle. This situation of brittle nails is medically termed as ‘onychoschizia’.

‘Brittle nails’ will not be a illness by itself, relatively signifies an underlying situation. The explanations for brittle nails might be an exterior issue and or inside elements. This situation is extra prevalent in girls than in males.

Causes of Brittle Nails

Widespread causes for brittle nails

Much less moisturisation of nails – Regularly wetting and drying of the nails that are related to actions like hand washing and washing dishes utilizing harsh chemical substances can take off the moisture from the nails and trigger dryness and brittleness. Few people expertise dry and brittle nails solely throughout scorching, dry environments or throughout winter months.

Extreme moisture – When somebody makes use of an excessive amount of of moisture / moisturizer on palms and nails, it causes comfortable and brittle nails. This may additionally occur as a result of extreme use of ‘nail polish remover’ to take away the colors. Acetone is current in most nail polish removers. Long run or repeated use of those removers could make the nails to grow to be brittle.

Different causes

Another elements and underlying situations which might trigger brittle nails embody:

Age – Because the particular person ages, the power of the nails diminishes over time and this will trigger brittleness of the nails.

Chemotherapy – Brittle nails could also be one of many unintended effects of chemotherapy for most cancers.

Anaemia – Brittle and dry nails might be as a result of anaemia brought on by iron deficiency.

Thyroid dysfunction – The hypoactive thyroid – hypothyroidism or hyperactive thyroid – hyperthyroidism can disturb the correct absorption of sure minerals that play an necessary function within the progress and upkeep of the nails. In consequence, the nails might break up and break free extra simply.

Raynaud’s syndrome – In Raynaud’s syndrome the blood stream to the palms and toes are diminished which makes the correct progress of the nails troublesome leading to dryness and brittleness of the nails

Normal measures to maintain up the well being of nails

Under talked about suggestions are helpful in sustaining ‘nail well being’ –

  • One ought to put on rubber gloves whereas washing the utensils and garments
  • One ought to keep away from selecting or biting the nails
  • Correct trimming the nails with out damaging them and likewise sustaining / taking excellent care of trimmed nails
  • Nail polish remover which has acetone as the primary ingredient must be prevented so far as potential
  • Utilizing metallic instruments or sharp devices must be prevented whereas caring the nails

Care of brittle nails at residence

Moisturising the nails and palms – Common software of moisturiser to palms and nails throughout morning and evening will increase the moisture and may assist these having dry and brittle nails to an extent.

Utilizing gloves – Carrying gloves whereas washing utensils and garments helps to forestall the dry and brittle nails.

Administration by means of weight-reduction plan

Taking some steps in relation to creating sure adjustments within the weight-reduction plan can assist in strengthening the brittle nails –

Inclusion of fine quantities of protein – Keratin is the protein which makes up for the bigger a part of the nails. Consuming proper quantities of proteins is necessary for reinforcing the manufacturing and upkeep of sturdy nails.

Getting ample iron wealthy meals – Anaemia is likely one of the elements for brittle nails. Anaemia brought on by iron deficiency must be handled promptly by inclusion of iron wealthy meals.

Consuming dietary supplements – The ‘American Osteopathic School of Dermatology’                              recommends the consumption of ‘Biotin vitamin dietary supplements’ for no less than six months helps to keep up a standard construction of nails. Together with Biotin, common consumption of calcium and gelatine may also assist.

When is the time to seek the advice of the physician?

Most circumstances of brittle nails don’t require remedy. They require easy measures like common moisturisation and avoiding publicity of nails to harsh chemical substances. However, some situations of brittle nails require immediate remedy when they’re related to following situations –

  • Redness, swelling, or soreness of the pores and skin folds across the nail
  • Fungal infections together with brittle nails
  • Protein or iron deficiency issues
  • Psoriasis which impacts the nail beds
  • Thyroid issues equivalent to hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and Grave’s illness
  • Raynaud’s syndrome the place the brittle nails are due to diminished stream of blood to the fingers

Ayurveda perspective of Brittle Nails

There’s a situation named ‘Nakha Bheda’ talked about within the ‘Vata Nanatmaja Rogas’ – particular issues brought on by aggravated vata. Nakha Bheda means ‘splitting or fissuring of nails’.

Dryness and brittleness is brought on by aggravated Vata. Therapy, medicines, meals and way of life actions which assist in maintaining the vata in a state of stability shall be thought-about in treating the brittle nails.

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