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Shorebirds and Seabirds of the Central California Shoreline – Weblog Sequence Submit #8

From its rocky shoreline to the depths of the good Monterey Canyon, the Central California shoreline and its offshore waters are house to a various array of attention-grabbing birds. Its habitat range and well-known coastal cold-water upwelling currents are the key to its distinctive avian inhabitants. In every weblog put up followers will get pleasure from my high-quality images whereas studying concerning the pure historical past of those attention-grabbing birds.

A Reflections of the Pure World Weblog Submit Sequence by Jim Acquire


Cassin’s Auklet – Ptychoramphus aleuticus
Gr. ptukhos plate, fold; rhamphos invoice; Aleutian Is., Alaska, USA

Inventive Commons Picture by Blake Matheson


The Cassin’s Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus) is a small seabird with distinctive bodily traits. It contains a darkish, slate-blue plumage on its head, neck, and upperparts, which contrasts with its white underparts. This auklet is understood for its placing white eye-ring, giving it a definite look. Moreover, it has a brief, stout invoice, tailored for capturing zooplankton and small fish whereas foraging at sea, and its legs are set far again on its physique, making it a robust swimmer and diver.

The Cassin’s Auklet (Ptychoramphus aleuticus) is an interesting seabird with an intriguing pure historical past. These birds are pelagic, spending most of their lives at sea and returning to land just for breeding. They nest in burrows on distant islands alongside the west coast of North America, typically in giant colonies.

One attention-grabbing reality is that Cassin’s Auklets are identified for his or her bioluminescent qualities. They’ve specialised glands close to the bottom of their tail feathers that produce a luminescent fluid. When disturbed at evening, they will launch this fluid as a protection mechanism, making a glowing show to confuse and deter predators at midnight waters.


Might be discovered near shore however most happen greater than a mile from shore.

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