14 Finest Quotes from Quick X (2023)


Within the newest fuel-infused Quick X movie, the Company requests Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) to nab a pc chip throughout its guarded transit in Rome, Italy. Nevertheless, issues don’t go easily as Dante (Jason Mamoa), the son of a drug lord, Hernan Reyes, makes an attempt to take revenge in opposition to Dom for the loss of life of his father and the destruction of his fortune.

The journey continues all through Naples, Portugal, and Rio de Janeiro, the place the race for all times takes an much more unsure flip.

With the love for quick vehicles, thrilling motion, and familial themes, Quick X retains the movies interesting to households and the youthful technology. So, listed below are a few of our favorite quotes from Quick X, the newest movie within the Quick & Livid franchise.

  1. Aimes: You understand I’ll ship a freight practice down a mud street.
  2. Dante: Hey dorks, what are we blowing up? Dante: What? The Vatican? Wow. Wager you guys are going to hell.
  3. Dominic Toretto: Cross it down. Every technology higher than the final.
  4. Dante: That’s the issue with having an enormous household. You’ll be able to’t save all of them.
  5. Cipher: [waking up on operating table alongside Letty] Good morning, sunshine.
  6. Letty Ortiz: You gotta be kidding me.
  7. Dominic Toretto: You made one mistake. You by no means took my automobile.
  8. Dante: By no means settle for loss of life when struggling is owned.
  9. Little Brian: Holy shit! Jakob: That phrase is just for tune lyrics and once you stub your toe.
  10. Debby Ryan: We’ll simply uh… Debby Ryan: Go round ? Nice.
  11. Aimes: The actual query is, how did we let this go on so lengthy?
  12. Dominic Toretto: I’ve imagined killing you a thousand occasions. Final time there was six inches of bolstered glass, weapons and guards. I couldn’t attain you then. Now I can.
  13. Letty Ortiz: It’s a arrange!
  14. Aimes: Everyone turns into household. It’s like a cult with vehicles.